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For instance, you'll want to be careful if they're getting overly curious about when you'll be home. And if they ever ask you about your thoughts on cheating, then you know infidelity is on their mind. Here are 33 tips from relationship experts on some common things people will say if they want to cheat or if they already are. And if you're worried that your relationship is falling apart in ways that aren't obvious signs of cheating, try these 50 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Fresh. If your partner ever says something like this, then you should consider that it's something they're genuinely thinking about doing, or at least that they're not happy in the relationship currently.

And it's not just a new haircut you should be on the lookout for. Any big changes in appearance, like " losing weight , buying new clothes, or starting to wear makeup more often," could be subtle signs of cheating, according to Bennett. A person in a committed relationship should be able to tell you where their partner is when they aren't with them.

Why Spouses Cheat - Is it Boredom or just Opportunity?

However, someone who's on the verge of cheating intentionally or otherwise will stop checking in with their spouse or significant other, if only to try to forget that they have one in the first place. And for ways to tell that your marriage or relationship is beyond repair, read up on the 20 Surefire Signs Your Relationship Is Over. Your partner used to text you every hour on the hour, but now they're using "too much work" as an excuse to be MIA all day.

If this sounds familiar, then be careful: It could be one of the red flags that infidelity is on the horizon. Even if your spouse hasn't ever considered cheating before, a promotion at work that offers them opportunities to travel could mean trouble in paradise. Unfortunately, disposable income combined with work travel makes cheating convenient. Of course, this doesn't apply to cheating in the traditional sense, but refers more to emotional cheating or overstepping the boundary between friendship and something more.

If you want your partner to stay faithful, it is essential that you sit down with them and clarify precisely what "cheating" entails. Some spouses just want to know when their husband or wife is coming home because they miss them and can't wait to see them. Less honorable spouses, however, could be checking in because they want to know how much time they have to sneak around, or to explore the idea of being with someone else through dating apps or online chat rooms.

5 Different Types of Infidelity

If your significant other is looking to spice things up in the bedroom , it could be an indication that they find the current situation to be lackluster and unsatisfactory. And while it's good that they're still trying to salvage the relationship you have, this could also be a sign that your partner is considering finding satisfaction elsewhere. Again, your partner trying new things in bed isn't necessarily a bad thing.

But if they're suddenly showing up in the bedroom with moves you've never seen before, you may want to question what—or who—is giving them these ideas. A person's insecurities can interfere with their relationships in many major ways. Not only will an insecure person question whether they're worthy of being in a relationship and create problems that don't exist, but often times they will also seek validation in other places, including by cheating.

It's hard to be in a healthy relationship when your inner thoughts are constantly telling you that you're too fat or too ugly to be loved by someone, let alone someone as incredible as your significant other. And when someone is too insecure to love their body, they might seek external affirmation—and not only from their partner. It's easy—and natural! Uncovering infidelity in a relationship is highly emotional, and Sharp Investigations is here to help you get through what can be the most difficult part of it all — recognizing the signs of adultery and documenting the evidence.

It can be difficult to know who to talk to, what to look for, and how to document when a spouse cheats, in the best way to protect you and your family. What you do with the information we collect is completely up to you. We have had clients who want the information simply for peace of mind, and others who use it as admissible findings in Family Court. Utilize the most modern technology such as GPS tracking systems, and cameras.

Search databases that may provide additional insight or evidence into undesirable behaviors.

Their Colleague

Document all of our findings in a way that can assist in determining at-fault divorce. The definition of adultery is subject to change based on the Family Courts in whichever state you reside. South Carolina, as with many other states, uses a two-pronged test to rule on allegations of infidelity divorce cases.

To come out of court proceedings with a judgement in your favor, it is paramount that evidence to prove motive and opportunity are not only collected and documented, but also presented in an appropriate way. It is particularly important that you have the most accurate documentation of evidence as it can help courts address alimony and property division when the divorce is final. Sharp Investigations has an excellent track record of providing all necessary elements to Family Court to ensure our clients come out on top. Every case is different, and we are wholeheartedly dedicated to getting you the verdict that protects your family, and that you deserve.

Many clients ask, how long it takes to catch a cheating spouse — and the answer is that it varies depending on your particular circumstances. When working with our team of highly recommended investigators, most cases are expected to take weeks to collect and document the evidence you need. But, what if your spouse is usually reliable and dependable?

What if you're convinced that the two of you do love one another? Everyone has their line in the sand—the one thing that is a deal-breaker. Only you know what that line in the sand is for you. Infidelity doesn't always mean a marriage is over, especially if your spouse is truly remorseful.

In fact, true remorse is a big indicator that there is hope for the marriage, especially if you have been married a long time and have children together. But, both of you have to realize that your relationship will never be the same. You can't just pretend like nothing ever happened. You both have a lot of hard work to do to make the marriage successful.

The Scientific Reason Spouses Cheat on Business Trips

Before you give your spouse a second chance, it's important to really think about all that is involved in repairing your marriage like healing from the pain, rebuilding trust , learning to be intimate again, and improving communication. Answering these questions honestly will help you decide if you should give your spouse a second chance.

Look over your answers. Are they mostly positive? Or, are there areas that are cause for concern.

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You may want to discuss this list with a counselor or another neutral party that can help you evaluate your situation. If you do decide to give your spouse a second chance, it might make sense to emphasize that this is a one-time opportunity. He or she needs to understand that there will be no more chances if the cheating happens again. It's also important to emphasize that your willingness to reconcile the marriage doesn't mean you condone the cheating behavior. Meanwhile, cheating spouses must be willing to explain why they cheated. They also must apologetic, honest, and keep their promises.

They also need to recognize that there will be questions about their commitment. Consequently, they may need to agree to set healthy boundaries around their future behaviors. Although these boundaries are best discussed with a marriage counselor, sometimes cheating spouses agree to allow complete access to their phones, text messages, social media accounts, and emails.

They also may agree to not have lunch or dinner alone with someone of the opposite sex. For a long time, you may worry and wonder whether or not they will cheat again. So, these boundaries serve two purposes. They provide you with a sense of security while holding the cheating spouse accountable. There are times in a marriage when you should reconsider giving your spouse a second chance.

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Of course, the choice is still yours, but giving a second chance when these red flags are present may mean that true reconciliation is unlikely. Think twice about giving a second chance when these factors are present. Although it can be tough to accept, not every marriage can be reconciled.