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The TrackerPad is a small GPS tracker with an adhesive rear The TrackerPad is roughly the same size as a British 10 pence piece or a US quarter The small size of the TrackerPad means that it can be attached to things discretely and without causing inconvenience The TrackerPad can be used for tracking expensive items like bikes or cars Users can track the location of their TrackerPads via an accompanying smartphone app The TrackerPad is charged wirelessly via a wireless charging pad.

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No thanks. Latest in Mobile Technology. Lyra combines a handheld, retro-game emulator and a personal computer in one device.

Smallest GPS Tracking Device GSM/GPRS/GPS Global Tracker For Car

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Editors Choice. Apollo Fifty years since that One Small Step. Want to know when a loved one leaves a certain area? Click Here For Full Description. This is the ideal small GPS tracker.

Qbit GPS Tracker – Micro sized GPS Tracker with live audio

Length 85mm 3. The tracker has two modes. This makes the tracker very versatile, as the settings can be changed to either track quickly, or track slowly and preserve battery. You set the small GPS tracker to update every minute whilst in moving mode, and every hour in sleeping mode. You set the small GPS tracker to update every 30 mins whilst in moving mode, and every 6 hours in sleeping mode.

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When the thief parked up somewhere, you would have the most recent location of your car to act accordingly. The above are just examples and the settings can be tweaked accordingly to work with your specific needs. The battery life can be extended to as long as 1 month by tweaking the settings. The device comes with 1 month of FREE usage, you then have the option of topping up data as you go or buying unlimited data from 3 months onwards…. This means you can spend a one-off fee that is likely to last much longer.

Unlimited Data. This small GPS tracker rarely uses more than 5mb per month unless set to update very regularly. Which countries can I use it in? If you want to use it outside of these countries, roaming data must be purchased for the relevant country from the tracking app after purchase. The full list of countries is below…. Do you have an monitoring application in mind that you need help with?

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Here are just a few on the most common technologies in use: GPS: Over the last 10 years, most of the devices that were used to track location were GPS systems.

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This is a system of satellites that orbit the earth, providing very precise location information all over the planet. While still the most popular and precise option available, other technologies may be a better option, particularly when the power budget is low, or the device has to provide location services inside a building structure.

Cell Tower: Some devices have the ability to report their proximity to nearby cellular towers. While not as accurate as GPS, this method of identifying the location of a device requires significantly less power. The greatest strength of this technology is that the toll tag or pet implant does not need any type of battery of its own, but the downside is that the tag can only be read when in proximity to a reader. Power Source: All tracking devices must have some kind of power supply to two basic things; figure out where they are, and communicate that information when asked to do so.