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As always, it is not possible to install anything that is not in the App Store on an iOS device unless the device has been jailbroken. Jan 15, PM. No, that is not true. Despite the name of that app it is really not spyware. As far as malicious spyware that is installed on your iPhone that captures data without your permission someone would need to first jailbreak the iPhone in order to remove all built in security, give access to file management, and remove sandboxing.

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Jan 15, PM in response to deggie In response to deggie. Question: Q: How come iPhones do not have spyware protection installed in them like android phones do? More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search.

5 best free Anti-Spyware Apps for your iPhone in 12222 to stay safe

Ask a question. User profile for user: Pconfer Pconfer. Question: Q: Question: Q: How come iPhones do not have spyware protection installed in them like android phones do? I recently had spyware installed onto my iPhone. Today, market is flooded with the spy apps and most of the people are using it to spy on their better halves or on their kids.

This activity is wrong and kills your privacy no matter how important is spying. Many people become a victim of this activity and cannot do anything about it.

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However, you can do something about it because if there is a problem then there is definitely a solution and the solution is anti-spyware. Similar to anti-virus that protects the device from the harmful malware and programs, anti-spyware protect the device from unknown installed application on your device that installed automatically.

Has Your iPhone Been Hacked? How to Check for Malware/Viruses

Some sites or links installs harmful applications on the device without your permission. These apps steal all your information without your information and thus your privacy is at stake.

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  • These applications steal vital information such as:. All these information are vital and if they reached in wrong hands then you can be a victim of crime that is not committed by you. Your whole life can be ruin so stay aware of such apps. Moreover, not every time you can check for the unknown apps moreover it is not possible because such apps are good at hiding themselves.

    They work in the background of the device and steal everything from the background. They secretly deliver all the information to the user who has actually put that application on your device. It may be anyone, may be someone who is close to you or your enemy. The only option is to install anti-spyware and stay protected from such harmful applications. So, can you name any anti-spyware apps? There are several apps that work as anti-spyware but not all works as per the expectation.

    So, here is again a tough job for you. Which spyware is best? Well, you have to find it on your own we will tell you about only top 5 apps that are considered best by the other users. Have a look on them and decide which one suits you. FreePhoneSpy is however a spying application that also works as anti-spyware. This mobile monitoring app has been in use in personal and professional aspects of life since its introduction.


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    Thousands of families and individuals trust this application for their digital safety needs. It works on every platform such as iPhone and Android. The application offers special features such as. FreePhoneSpy also works on background from where it can keep eye on everything that happens on device. No further action required! Various options to customize lockscreen such as lucky lottery numbers, famous citations, custom message, fake stock exchange alert, etc.

    Powerful anti-theft tools such as trigger siren, phone locator, etc. Advanced protection from phishing websites. Various smart reporting tools. Identity Safeguard to notify you in case your email is leaked. Powerful anti-theft features with advanced security alarms. Hide your personal and private files and photos in a secure vault. It blocks dangerous ads and websites. Protect your information when browsing the web via advanced Security VPN.

    Safe Wi-Fi feature protects your data from various Wi-Fi attacks.

    No Special Training Necessary to Track an iPhone

    Get alerted when you have an out-of-date software via System Advisor. All kinds of data can be permanently erased via this tool including browsing data, photos, videos, call history, contacts, messages, and more. How to Block Calls on iPhone? Find Your Answer Here!